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Airtech Automation is a division of Airtech Equipment, Inc. which represents leading manufacturers in every aspect of industrial, commercial, and institutional, HVAC products. We offer single-source accountability from equipment to controls.
Our products lead the industry in value. From design to purchasing and from installation to maintenance, we provide quality products to engineers, owners, mechanical and design/build contractors. Airtech Automation concentrates on the true value and long-term benefits to its customers—rather than always the lowest cost.
With decades of engineering, management, and sales expertise in the HVAC, and refrigeration industries, we continue to build relationships within the professional engineering and mechanical contracting firms in the areas that we serve.
Airtech Automation offers and consistently delivers:

Services / Scope

Airtech Equipment, Inc. possess’ the technical prowess, customer service and a robust product line to be your single source supplier of the world’s best HVAC and fluid/filtration processing systems.
We conduct a needs/application/site analysis and prepare innovative solutions to your specifications. We then help you design, implement and maintain the system through our technical support team. We stay on the cutting edge with the latest technical bulletins and methodologies. We also stock high-caliber replacement components and will help you troubleshoot and maintain your systems to optimal performance.

We work closely with consulting engineers, end-users, and mechanical contractors to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, educational, health and institutional clients.

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Technical Support

Airtech’s goal is to support our customers throughout the life of their projects. While we have a strong focus to NOT be a service agency; we have a support staff available to lend expert advice, warranty and startup support to our customers. Having this focus allows us to support our customers needs without competing with them for service revenue. It also allows us to provide strong support for all the equipment Airtech sells.
Feel free to contact Airtech to get technical support for your project, our staff is standing by: Contact Us with a description of the Make, Model, and Serial Number of the system/component, and the information you’re seeking about it. Please include the name of your company and full contact information.


Airtech offers innovative replacement HVAC systems, each engineered to your specific performance requirements. Our replacement HVAC systems are built to fit on existing curb, platform or steel for easy installation and minimum disruption.
Custom-designed replacement or retrofit systems are a great way to reduce costs by providing better ventilation, humidity management which reduces refrigeration costs, and numerous other advantages.
We also carry a full line of leading edge replacement components to extend the life of your investment.

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