Aaon Rooftop Easy AccessWelcome to Airtech Equipment Inc., your source for high-quality, integrated heating, filtration and cooling solutions. We represent the most robust line of products on the market, from high-tech heat exchangers, chillers, control systems, pumps, tanks, boilers, filters to a full complement of replacement parts. We offer engineered solutions for every scale of project in every major commercial or industrial application.

Our technical support and customer service is unparalleled in the industry. We’ve helped numerous clients - including industrial applications, supermarkets, and health care facilities - build unique, high-performance, HVAC systems that exceed all standards and optimize efficiency. That’s because our solutions start with excellent design engineering, sourcing and communication with stakeholders. We know our products cold and can help you choose the precise fit for your application, whether it’s a rooftop application or a multiplexed filtration assembly for an industrial application.

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McQuay ChillerAt Airtech, we meet all your HVAC comfort, compliance and efficiency challenges with our robust mix of products and competitive pricing. View our Linecard or contact one of our Sales Reps today for a one-source solution to your HVAC needs.